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M.Tech Environmental Engineering

New Course Structure and Syllabi Will be Uploaded Shortly...

Basic structure of the course (Old)
The full course is of 24 months duration and is divided into 4 semesters.

First Year - Semester-I

Course No


Hours -per-week
L - T - P

No. of

ENE 111

Environmental Pollution and Physico-Chemical Processes for Pollution Control



ENE 112 Air Pollution Control 3-1-0 04
ENE 113 Water Pollution Control 3-1-0 04
ENE 114 Environmental Pollution Evaluation 3-0-2 04
ENE 115 Environmental Quality Measurements Laboratory 0-0-2 01
ENE 116 Elective-I 3-1-0 04




First Year - Semester-II

Course No


Hours -per-week
L - T - P

No. of

ENE 121 Land Pollution Control 3-1-0 04
ENE 122 Noise Pollution Control 3-1-0 04
ENE 123 Pollution Control System Design 0-1-2 02
ENE 124 Environmental Pollution Survey 0-0-4 02
ENE 125 Elective-II 3-1-0 04
ENE 126 Elective-III 3-1-0 04
ENE 127 Seminar 0-0-3 02





Second Year - Semester-III

Course No


Hours -per-week
L - T - P

No. of

ENE 231 Inplant Training -- 01
ENE 232 Seminar on Dissertation -- 5
ENE 233 End Semester Presentation on Dissertation -- 5




Second Year - Semester-IV

Subject Code

Name of the Subject

Hours -per-week
L - T - P

No. of

ENE 241 Comprehensive Viva-Voce -- 01
ENE 242 Pre-submission Viva-Voce on Dissertation -- 05
ENE 243 Dissertation Evaluation -- 10




Grand Total


Elective Subjects

ENE - 116 : Elective-I (3-1-0) : 4 Credits
a) Ecology
b) Rural Environment Technology
c) Risk Analysis and Disaster Management
d) Sustainable Development
ENE - 125 : Elective-II (3-1-0) : 4 Credits
a) Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
b) Energy Conservation and Environmental Management
c) Waste Utilization and Management
d) Industrial Ventilation
ENE - 126 : Elective-III (3-1-0) : 4 Credits
a) Water and Air Quality Model
b) Remote Sensing & GIS for Environmental Application
c) Environmental Bio-Technology
d) Contaminants Transport Modeling



Eligibility for Admission

The following are the guidelines for admission of sponsored candidates :
The candidates who posses Bachelor's degree in Engineering as prescribed under the heading "Eligibility for Admission", from AICTE approved institutions with at least 55% marks will be eligible for admission. The minimum percentage of marks may be waived for those who are teachers either in Engineering Colleges or Polytechnics joined before 28.02.1989 , the data on which the circular was issued prescribing the AICTE pay scales and qualifications. Preference should be given to those candidates who are GATE qualified. Sponsored candidates will not be eligible to receive scholarship, even if they are admitted based on GATE Score.

2. The candidates must have a minimum two year's of Full-time work experience in a registered firm/company/industry/educational and research institutions/any Government Departments or Government Autonomous Organisations in the relevant field in which admission is being sought.

3. There will not be any age restriction. However, preference should be given to those who are below 45 years of age.

4. The mode of selection shall be such that merit is the sole criterion.

5. A letter from the employer must be furnished stating that the candidate is being sponsored to get admission. the employer should also indicate that the candidates will not be withdrawn midway till the completion of the course.

6. The fee for the candidate should normally be borne by the sponsoring organisation.

Intake & Reservation

Seats are reserved for SC/ST candidates as per rules. Beside this seats are also reserved for sponsored candidates.

Mode of Application
Prescribe application form is attached in this booklet. The completed application form must reach the Institute on or before the due date. Incomplete application will not be considered. Attested copies of relevant academic, professional experience certificate, GATE Score report and a self addressed envelop (size : 25x11 cm.)  should be sent clownish the application. A medical certificate of physical fitness from a registered medical practitioner should be enclosed with the application.

Method of Selection

Selection is made by a duly constituted selection committee. In all matters of selection and admission of student, the decision of the Institute will be final. The candidates should be prepared to come for test/interview/counseling at their own cost before final selection.


It will be obligatory for every post-graduate student to undertake 8 to 10 hours (per week) of work related to teaching and research activities as assigned to him/her by the Institute. This could include tutorials, laboratory classes, development and maintenance of laboratories, assistance in research and development activities undertaken by faculty members, maintenance and operation of computers and other central facilities, assistance in library etc.


Registration fee

Rs. 100/-

Tuition fee 

Rs.7000/-(3500/- for SC/ST) per semester

Gymkhana fee  

Rs. 120/- per Semester

Medical fee    

Rs. 150/- per Semester

Examination fee    

Rs. 160/- per Semester (Institutes internal examination)

Electricity & water Charges

Rs. 330/- per Semester

Library fee    

Rs. 120/- per Semester

Hostel Maintenance     

Rs. 110/- per Semester

Student welfare fund        

Rs. 20/-

Alumni Association fee 

Rs. 200/-

Institute Caution Money    

Rs. 300/- Refundable

Library Caution Money        

Rs. 500/- Refundable

Hostel Caution Money 

Rs. 1500/- Refundable

Seat Rent

Rs. 300/- per semester (free for SC/ST)

Poor Boy's Fund

Rs. 20/- per semester

Placement Fee

Rs. 100/- per semester

Identity Card

Rs. 20/-


Rs. 50/-

Bus Charges

Rs. 150/- per semester

Grade Card

Rs. 150/-

Provisional Certificate

Rs. 100/-

Internet Accessibility Fee

Rs. 600/-


Rs. 12,100/- (Rs. 8300/- for SC/ST

Note :
The SC/ST candidates will be required to pay only 50% of tuition fee. The SC/ST candidates will be provided rent free hostel accommodation.


Rs. 8000/- per month will be paid to the students admitted through GATE Score except sponsored candidates.

Regulation of M. Tech Courses

The course for the degree of M. Tech examination shall extend over 2.0 academic years divided into 4 semesters of 6 months each and shall consist of the following parts :

  • M. Tech. Part I examination at the end of first semester.

  • M. Tech. Part II examination at the end of second semester.

  • M. Tech. Part III examination for the evaluation of Industrial Training, thesis on the research/project work and seminar at the end of third/fourth semester.

Part I
A student may be a candidate for M. Tech. Part I examination at the end of his first semester if he :
  • Has passed the prescribed degree Engg. Examination of the University.

  • Has for the period of first semester remained on the rolls of NIFFT and has attended not less than 75% of the total number of lectures, tutorials and practical held in each subject.

Part II
A student who has passed M. Tech. - Part I examination in Foundry-Forge Technology/Manufacturing at NIFFT may be a candidate for the M. Tech. Part II examination in Foundry-Forge Technology/Manufacturing Engg. if he has for a period of 2nd semester remained on the rolls of the Institute, attended not less than 75% of the total number of lectures, tutorials and practical held in each subject.

Part III
Each student shall be required to undergo a 4-week industrial training in Foundry-Forge/Manufacturing establishment of repute, duly approved by the Institute and submit a training report along with a certificate from the place where he/she underwent training about his satisfactory completion of practical training. A viva-voce examination shall be conducted by a committee duly constituted by a committee duly constituted by the P.G. Board, NIFFT sometime during the third/fourth semester to evaluate the training report. The industrial training shall carry 1 credit.

2. Each student shall select a topic concerning his field of specialization and interest for his seminar and carry out through study of that topic under the guidance of a faculty member of the Institute. He shall then submit the seminar report to the Institute through his guide and also present his studies before a gathering of students and faculty members. A  committee duly constituted by the Post-Graduate Board of NIFFT shall evaluate his report and presentation. The seminar will carry 1 credit.

3. A candidate for M. Tech. must undergo course of study consisting of theoretical lectures, practical work, sessionals etc. arranged by the departments. A certificate of satisfactory completion of the course from the Institute's P.G. Board must accompany the application to appear at the examination.

4. The teaching in various subject shall be reckoned in terms of credits as per clause (18). The duration of course for the degree of M. Tech. shall be as follows :

  • Full Time : Full time course will ordinarily be spread over two consecutive academic sessions consisting of four semesters.

  • Part Time : A candidate working in the neighborhood of the institute in departments or industry can registered on part basis, provided he satisfies clause (6) of this regulation but he will be eligible to submit his thesis under regulation (14) only five semesters after registration. A part time candidate can take course of maximum 18 credits and minimum 12 credits in case of first and second semesters.

5. A candidate is required to complete successfully 65 credits of courses for the degree of M. Tech. out of which the thesis as per regulation (14) may consist of 20 credits.

In all cases a candidate must clear the required number of credits in maximum period of 5 years. Special permission of Faculty of Engineering has to be obtained if a candidate has to take more time to complete it.

Class tests (at least two un each course) and written examination in each course will be held at the end of each semester as per examination schedule and as per rules made by the Faculty Engineering, from time to time.


8. On the basis of class tests and written examination a candidate will be awarded various grades as follows :



Point value




Very Good












Incomplete I -

The guidelines for awarding these grades may be fixed from time to time.

9. A candidate must at least get a minimum D in each course and his Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) should not be less than 4.5.

  • The point equivalent awarded in course as per clause (11) for which the student has registered is multiplied by its credit points as per clause (18).

  • These products are added and the sum is divided by the total number of credit points registered for, ignoring the incomplete grade. The ratio is called SGPA.

10. If a candidate fails in written examination of any course he may take the written examination for the course once more only without attending classes in the next examination whenever held for that course for regular students. This examination may be arranged for the candidate on prescribed special fee.

The last two semesters for full time/part time candidates respectively of the study will be devoted towards thesis work which will have weightage of 20 credits. Every candidate will submit 5 copies of his thesis when it is ready printed or type-written to the NIFFT P.G. Board in the manner prescribed by the Board. One month before submitting the thesis, he shall submit an application along with an abstract of his thesis.

No application shall be entertained unless testimony is given by the NIFFT P.G. Board in consultation with his guide that in habit and character the candidate is fit and proper person for the degree of M. Tech. and thesis conforms with the requirements as per regulation [6].

12. A  thesis submitted under regulation [14] shall relate to some special topic on the main subject stated in the candidate's application. It shall be accompanied by a declaration signed by the candidate and countersigned by the guide that the thesis has been prepared by the candidate himself. The thesis shall embody the results of investigation by the candidate, of the problem connected with the subject of his studies, the scientific analysis if the published work on the subject and should be presented in such a manner so as to show the candidate's ability of making scientific investigations and writing technical reports.

A candidate shall indicate generally the sources of his information the extent to which he has availed himself of the work of others and the portion of the thesis which he claims to be original whether his research has been conducted independently or in collaboration with or without the assistance of or under the advice and guidance of teachers.

13. The thesis submitted by the candidate shall be referred to two examiners appointed on the recommendation of the NIFFT P.G. Board from the list of 4 persons suggested by the guide. One of  these shall be the guide under whom the candidate has pursued his study and research.

If the thesis is approved by the examiners as being of sufficient standard or merit for the degree of M. Tech. the candidate shall be required to defend his thesis before faculty members and the examiners. Due notice for the oral test will be issued well in advanced by the NIFFT P.G. Board . The examiners shall report to the NIFFT P.G. Board the result of the examination of the thesis and of the oral test.

14. After a candidate clears the required number of credits as per regulation [8] he will be declared to have passed M. Tech. A Degree shall be awarded to each successful candidate stating therein M. Tech. duly signed and sealed.

15. The various grades will be awarded on the basis of total marks of class tests and written examinations as follows:


Total marks of class test & written examination


Above 85 and upto 100


Above 85 and upto 85


Above 55 and upto 70


Above 40 and upto 55


Less than 40


Discipline and Conduct

After admission in the Institute the students will have to abide by the rules of the Institute. The Director with the advice of the Heads of Departments/P.G. Board shall be empowered to take appropriate disciplinary action against any student reported to be indulging in disciplinary activities, unfair means in the examination or any misbehavior with teacher, staff, fellow student or with other in the campus or outside the campus. The disciplinary action may include barring from attending classes or even removal from the Institute.

Notices and circulars pertaining to the rules and regulations applicable to the students of NIFFT will be put on the Notice Board for the attention of the student. Students in their own interest should see the notice boards from time to time. Students who do not pay the prescribed charges by the due date will have to pay the same within five days from due date with the fine. If the charges are still not paid even after the grace period without any explanation, the dues will be adjusted against the scholarship payable to such students. The students are nor normally expected to leave the hostel or absent themselves from the classes, except during officially declared semester breaks.


Rules to deal with the cases of students found using unfair means in the examinations
In case any student is found using unfair means in the written/practical examination in any of the subject for the semester for which the examination in any of the subject for the semester for which the examinations are in progress the concerned case shall be dealt with severely.

Leave Rules
The students shall not be entitled to casual leave and medical leave. They may however, be granted leave for maximum period of 30 days per year. Before the commencement of the course for each batch, the full programme would be announced by the P.G. Board giving the starting and closing dates for each semester, starting dates for semester examinations and period of industrial training.

Semester Break
Suitable break would be provided at the end of I & II semester. The student should remain in the Institute during semester break to utilize the period for the pursuit of study. In case they wish to leave the campus, they must apply for leave.

Migration Certificate

The candidates who have passed the last examination from a University other than the Ranchi University will be required to submit the migration certificate immediately after his admission to the course, in any case not later than 30th September of the year of admission, failing which admission is liable to be cancelled.

As far as possible the Institute through its placement cell would try to arrange interviews either at the campus or the Company's premises for the purpose of employment of the students passing out the course. However, the Institute does not guarantee for the employment.


The students will be provided accommodation in the P.G. Hostel with basic amenities like table, chair and cot for which seat rent as indicated in fee structure will be charged. They shall however, not be provided mattresses, blanket, pillows, bulbs etc. Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe students will be provided rent-free accommodation.

Library & Documentation Centre

The Institute's library is well equipped with latest books, periodicals, slides, films and charts in the field of Foundry & Forge Technology and possesses micro-film and micro-fiche equipment and micro-computer facilities.

The students can avail of the lending facilities for books only. The books issued to them should be returned on or before the due date stamped on the due 'date' slip. A fine of Rs.1/- per day per book shall be payable by the students in the event of their not depositing the book by the due date. The Librarian has the right to recall any book even before the due date for any urgent requirement. The loan period may be shortened when the books are in acute demand. Readers are requested not to enter the library with their personal effects, except writing material.

Computer Centre
The Institute is equipped with Horizon III, 32 bit computer using Motorol  a 68020  system and NEXUS Graphics Works Station with necessary  software for the use of student during their studies and project work.

Equipment and Stationery
All the necessary equipment for practical work including drawing board will be provided by the Institute. The student will however, be expected to have their own drawing instrument, set squares, drawing sheets, stationery, text books, note books etc.

Repeal and Saving

  • The Institute reserves the right to make modifications in connection with the course as per the decisions of Academic Council of the Institute from time to time.

  • The students sent to industry on inplant training shall have to make their own arrangements for accommodation at the place of training.



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